P. D. Women's College, Jalpaiguri
Online Admission for Promotion to Second and Third Year
Please enter your NBU registration no.    
  • Student whose registration number is not found here have to send scanned copies of all NBU marksheets to helpdesk.pdwc@gmail.com if they are interested to get admitted.
  • Submitted data becomes uneditable after provisional admission. Correction request may be sent from registered email address to helpdesk.pdwc@gmail.com along with supporting documents where applicable.
  • In case of payment return failure (money debited in bank but admission form not generated) the candidate should inform registration no., transaction id and date time of transaction to helpdesk.pdwc@gmail.com. Please note that we need at least two working days from the date of transaction to know about and act on an erroneous transaction.  Please do not make another payment, we can not refund.
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