Helpline number: 9800780233 (11am to 7pm), Helpdesk email:, Whatsapp: 9474972640 (no calls, technical support only)
After 28/09/2022 no fresh admission is possible as per govt. order. Online withdrawal will not be available. Withdrawal by any other mode will not be admissible for any refund. Students wiil be able to login for few more days only. Last date for physical verification of original documents is 29/09/2022.
Any B.A. Program student willing to take up Physical Education may contact helpdesk Whatsapp no. provided on top of this page.
  • Candidate must possess minimum qualifications for the applied course as outlined in the prospectus. One should download and read the prospectus thoroughly before applying.
  • She must have a personal, active and unique e-mail address. After being verified it will be registered as username for login and used for all future communications from here.
  • The candidate must also provide a personal, active and unique mobile phone number. This will be used for urgent and fast communication to the candidate.
  • She has to upload scanned copy of her higher secondary marksheet, higher secondary registration certificate, madhyamik admit card and (if belong to reserved category) SC/ST/OBC/PWD certificate (together in a single pdf file not exceeding 2MB).
  • Photograph of face of the candidate in .jpg format and size not exeeding 256kb is required to be uploaded.
  • Only one application is permitted for a single marksheet through which candidate can apply for upto 4 honours program and upto 2 program courses. All extra applications made under different usernames will be rejected after verification.
  • No fee will be charged for application. After selection admission fee should be deposited online for which you should have access to a debit card/ credit card/ netbanking.
  • আবেদনকারীকে পুস্তিকায় বর্ণীত পাঠক্রমের জন্য ন্যুনতম যোগ্যতার অধিকারী হতে হবে। আবেদন করার পূর্বে তাকে পুস্তিকাটি (প্রস্পেকটাস) ডাউনলোড করে ভালোভাবে দেখে নিতে হবে।
  • আবেদনকারীকে একটি নিজস্ব, সচল ও অনন্য ইমেল ঠিকানা দিতে হবে। পরীক্ষা করার পর সেটি তার ইউজারনেম হিসাবে ব্যবহৃত হবে এবং আবেদন সংক্রান্ত প্রয়োজনীয় তথ্য ঐ ঠিকানায় পাঠানো হবে।
  • আবেদনকারীকে একটি নিজস্ব, সচল ও অনন্য মোবাইল নম্বর দিতে হবে। অত্যন্ত জরুরী ও দ্রুত যোগাযোগের প্রয়োজনে এটি ব্যবহার করা হবে।
  • তাকে তার উচ্চমাধ্যমিকের মার্কশিট, উচ্চমাধ্যমিকের রেজিস্ট্রেশন সার্টিফিকেট,মাধ্যমিকের অ্যাডমিট কার্ড এবং সংরক্ষিত আসনের প্রার্থী হলে তঃ জাতি/ তঃ উপজাতি/ ওবিসি/ শারিরিক অক্ষমতা শংসাপত্রের ছবি আপলোড করতে হবে। (একসাথে একটিমাত্র পিডিএফ ফাইলে যার মাপ ২ এমবির মধ্যে)
  • আবেদনকারীকে তার মুখমন্ডলের একটি জেপিজি আলোকচিত্র (যার মাপ ২৫৬ কিলোবাইটের মধ্যে) আপলোড করতে হবে।
  • প্রতিটি মার্কশিটের জন্য মাত্র একটি আবেদনপত্র গৃহীত হবে যার মাধ্যমে আবেদনকারী ৪টি পর্যন্ত সাম্মানিক ও ২টি পর্যন্ত সাধারন পাঠক্রমে আবেদন করতে পারবেন। বিভিন্ন ইউজারনেমের সাহায্যে অতিরিক্ত আবেদনপত্র জমা করা হলে সেগুলি পরীক্ষা করার পরে পরিত্যক্ত হবে।
  • আবেদনের জন্য কোন ফী নেওয়া হবে না। নির্বাচিত হলে ভর্তি ফী অনলাইনে জমা করার জন্য ডেবিট কার্ড, ক্রেডিট কার্ড বা নেটব্যাঙ্কিং প্রয়োজন।
  1. An applicant must register her user account by providing her unique email address. After verification the applicant will be taken to another screen where she can choose her password for the user account. The email address will be her username. On successfull creation of the account, the candidate can login.
  2. After login the applicant will be presented her dashboard where she can perform many activities based on stage of admission.
  3. At the applicant dashboard, the first thing she should do is to fill-up the online form. One applicant can submit only one form.The form has three parts: textual information, certificates and photograph. The date of first uploading of photograph will be taken as registration date of application.
  4. After uploading of photograph you must generate an unique application form number and your application will be forwarded for inclusion into merit lists. You may print your application form now, provided no change is required.
  5. You are free to make any correction to your application upto the last date of form submission. Application form can be printed after receiving form number, however, the candidate should submit only the printout that is updated upto the latest correction. The college will not entertain any request for correction at any stage. Administrators can not change your data in this system.
  6. After the publication of merit list, rank card of the candidate can be printed. Seats will be alloted to deserving candidates as per exising vacancy. An applicant will get only one seat allotment for a particular course in whatever quota is availble to her first. Candidate will be intimated about this and she can also login to check. She has to login to her dashboard to choose a seat and pay admission fee. After payment she wiil be provisionally admitted into the course. This may take some time as admission committee may check certain things before enrollment. Your provisional enrollment certificate will be available in your dashboard. Facility for online withdrawal of admission is available at the applicant dashboard.
  7. Only after the start date of classes and within notified last date she should report to the college with all original documents listed below for verification.
    1. Original marksheet of H. S. or equivalent examination.
    2. Original admit card of M. P. or equivalent examination.
    3. Original SC/ ST/ OBC certificate from SDO if you belong to one of these categories.
    4. Certificate of disability from a Govt. Hospital if you claim seat in PwD category.
    5. Signed copy of application form along with self attested photocopies of the documents mentioned above.
    Admission fee will be forfeited if the candidate fails to report within given time or she is found to submit false credentials on verification. After satisfactory verification, she will be regularly admitted into the course and issued a regular enrolment certificate.
  8. There will be several rounds of allotments (lots) one after another. A candidate who was previously allotted, may be offered a course for which she indicated a higher preference in application form and may not be offered a lower preference course. A candidate who is already admitted can  accept offer for another subject. In this case she needs to pay only the additional amount when the new course fee is more than the old course fee. However no refund will be made for moving to a course with lower fee.
  9. The admission is purely provisional. The college authority or University of North Bengal can cancel an admission any time for not complying to rules. The candidate herself can withdraw admission any time from her dashboard.
  10. After withdrawal the candidate may submit an application for refund to the Principal of the college at the college office with atleast the following details:
    • Subject field should contain: Refund for Withdrawal of Admission of [name of student]
    • Bank name, branch, account number,IFS code,name of the account holder and relation of the student to account holder
    • Copy of Cancellation Certificate
    • Copy of first page of bank passbook or cheque leaf for the account into which the money needs to be transferred.
Option to apply for hostel is not available in this year's online application form. Hostel applications will be received later either offline or online. Process for application and selection will be notified at a later stage of admission.

During online payment after debit of money in your bank account your browser may disconnect and as a result our portal may become unable to show payment confirmation or provide required service automatically. In that case you may inform helpdesk with date time and particulars of payment to receive an interim solution till payment confirmation from our other sources. Alternatively you may make another payment and ask for refund of previous payments.

There are some special elective subjects where seats are limited and require additional payments over basic course fee. A candidates wishing to study such subject should contact admission helpdesk after admission to related course. Helpdesk will issue online challan to candidate and after payment that subject will be included in her course subject combination. A list of such subject / program is given below:

  • Physical Education as DSC
  • Geography as GE/DSC